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Lesson 4 Homework Lynda Jo

Lynda Jo Schuessler
I found this homework assignment difficult. This scene is one that I am posting as beginning with an explosion and ending with a bang. Hope it makes sense.

When he realized just how bad things were Jon’s chest tightened. He knew that Jen would be okay but still he’d feel better when he got home and made sure. He pulled up to his cabin and his heart sank. No lights were visible through the snow. He left the truck running and ran to the house, sticking his head in the door. The interior was dark and the fire he’d left banked in the wood stove was almost out.
“Jenny, Jenny,” he called out hoping that maybe she was back in her room. There was no answer but he pushed the door to her bedroom to make sure she wasn’t sleeping. Empty, dark and cold.

She was probably at Lorilyn’s but there was no phone over there. He picked up the phone to call Phyllis to see if Jenny might be there before he drove the short distance to the trailer. Phyllis said that Jenny and Lorilyn had stopped by on their way over to the trailer. Jon let out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. It would probably be smart to let Jenny stay with Lorilyn but he knew he had to make sure that she was there. He took the road through a section of the ranch. It was barely a track in the best of conditions. With this blowing snow he had real trouble finding it at all. He’d be sure to come back on the main road even if it would add a couple of miles to the trip.

The ranch truck that Lorilyn was using sat in front of her trailer when he pulled up. And, something else--a beat up dually with a horse trailer behind it. Looked like Cody had come back. Great, that’s all he needed. He wasn’t sticking around here any longer than it would take to get Jenny so he left the truck running. There were no lights from the front window of the trailer but he could hear a country song blaring from the inside. His pounding was finally answered by a disheveled Lorilyn clutching a robe around her.

“What’s going on Lorilyn? Where’s Jenny?” Jon pushed past her into the living room of the trailer.

“Jenny went home hours ago.” Lorilyn glanced at the bedroom door. “Guess you saw Cody’s truck outside.”

“Yeah, I saw it. Jenny’s not at home. How did she get there? Did you take her?” The questions came rapid fire.

"I had one of the ranch’s four-wheelers here. She wanted to leave right away so I let her take it home.”

Jon stared at the mother of his child. The woman had no sense of anyone other than herself. “Well, she's not at the cabin. How could you let her go off in this weather on a four-wheeler by herself? You didn’t even have a way to check to see if she made it.”

“Don’t you talk to me that way Jon Shepherd. It was barely snowing when she left here and I didn’t think…”

“Yeah, Lorilyn, I know, you didn’t think. That’s always your problem. You don’t think about anyone but you. I’m not going to stand around here and argue with you. I’ve got to try to find Jenny. If I were you, I’d be looking for another job — somewhere far away.”

At that moment, Cody ambled out of the bedroom, shirtless, buttoning his jeans. “Jon, no need to yell at Lorilyn. We’re going to be leaving soon.” He reached Lorilyn’s side and flung an arm around her. “My woman is having a baby. We told Jenny we’d be leaving and I don’t think she took it too good. She got a little hot under the collar. It’s not Lorilyn’s fault the kid took off.”

Jon didn’t bother to comment. He thought that if he opened his mouth one more time he would snap and a bad situation would get even worse. It wouldn’t do for him to go to jail and leave Jenny to the mercy of these two idiots. He turned and slammed the door behind.

Since he’d seen no sign of the four-wheeler on the back track to the trailer, he stuck to plan and took the main road back to the ranch. He hoped to God Jenny hadn’t had rolled the four-wheeler. Maybe she was just stuck somewhere. He turned on the radio to listen to the weather report as he drove. As he neared the barn, he spotted the four-wheeler parked under the lean-to next to the tack room. Thank God. Maybe she’d been here along.

“Jenny, Jenny.” His call echoed in the barn. Silence. Frantic, he went to the phone in the tack room and called Phyllis again. “Please tell me that Jenny is there.”

“No, she hasn’t come back here. Wasn’t she with Lorilyn?”

Jon gave Phyllis the short version and said, “I’m going to check our cabin again.”

“Wait, Jon. Check Chicaro’s stall.”

“You don’t think she would have taken the horse. Phyllis, it’s a blizzard out there.”

“I don’t know Jon but she’s a teen-age girl and she’s upset, probably not thinking straight. Just check for the horse  Damn, this ankle. I’m stuck here but I’ll send Dan down. He can help you look.”

“I’ll go check the stall. Tell Dan to meet me at the cabin. I’ll be glad of the help. And, would you call the sheriff?”

“Yeah, I’ll call. Now, go.”

Jon’s heart had already been pounding hard enough to break through his chest but when he saw the empty stall it plummeted to somewhere deep in his belly. Jenny was out in the storm. He had to find her now.
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Re: Lesson 4 Homework Lynda Jo

Yep, ends with a bang.  Nice work.  I'd rate myself entertained, which is to say anxious to see what happens.